Film Locations at LettsRetreat

We offer diverse filming opportunities at LettsRetreat. We've hosted TV shows, wildlife documentaries, fashion shoots and wedding videos.
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Film Shoot Options

Film Outdoors

With plenty of outdoor space we have many locations you can film and work at. Whether you are searching for a place with wonderful wildlife, vibrant colours or thought-provoking artistic surroundings, the Capability Brown gardens offer it all.

Film Indoors

Our galleries and formal rooms offer various incredible spaces to shoot in. If you need to film an interview segment, or are just looking for impressive historic architecture to mix up your scenery, it is all offered by the Robert Adam Orangery's stunning structure.
Contact us about booking an indoor or outdoor shoot, from £1,500 a day.
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Photo Shoots at LettsRetreat

We have numerous dedicated spaces for photo shoots and photographers looking for unique backdrops. We host many wildlife photographers as well as editorial photography, art and wedding shoots. Make sure to enquire about our photography options.
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